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As we all know that is such a website. Which claims to find out about the date of death of every person. This website only asks for your date of birth, gender, BMI. And within a few seconds, it removes all your horoscopes and keeps them. But this website website has been created only for fun and entertainment.

The website which is rocking the internet right now is www. Which tells this. When will you die? But today we are going to tell about this website in this post. How can you find out from the website. And how to use the website.

www death_cloth org – This is an online website. It provides BMI calculator for those visitors who do not understand about their BMI. This website is visited more than 10 million times daily. And if I talk about its rating, then its rating is 4.4. Which is great. Apart from India, people from different countries can visit this website, and can also know about their whole life. Past, present as well as future. website

This website website has been created only for fun and entertainment. www death_cloth org This website has been created only in 2005-07-06. We have written this post so that you can know the truth. More and more searches are being done on YouTube and Google about website. But this is just a times pass website. There is no such website. Or any pundit or baba who can tell the date of someone's death.

This is a time pass website. You can visit this website for your entertainment. who claim. It tells about the past, the present as well as the future. login

Www death_cloth org website india website link using

Step 1. First of all you have to go to www death clock org (website link:

 Step 2. After this you enter your age or date of birth in the box.

Step 3. Now enter your gender (male or female) or other in the box here.

Step 4. Next enter the details about your health.

 Step 5. Then write a detailed description of your thinking.

 Step 6. Enter your Height, Weight and BMI.

 As soon as you click on the Submit button. So your entertainment details will come in front of you, then you can share it wherever you want. 

  • maintain a healthy body weight
  • Get regular exercise, get up and move!
  •  stop smoking
  •  Eat a healthy, balanced diet and reduce your intake of processed foods
  • drink less (or no) alcohol
  •  Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night
  • Prioritize Happiness and Have a Purpose
  •  avoid or manage stress
  • Avoid unprotected and prolonged sun exposure

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